Bethany Methodist is deeply committed to caring for older adults and exceeding their expectations. Rooted in our mission and Judeo-Christian traditions, the principles of Service Excellence guide us as we enrich lives and nurture our residents' and patients' bodies, minds and spirits. The Four Cornerstones direct every decision we make, while the Seven Pillars guide our behavior in relationships with those we serve and with each other.

Our Values

Hire The Best People

We are engaged, committed and compassionate.

Provide The Best Service

We deliver superior care.

Achieve High Quality

We are dedicated to continual improvement leading to top rankings in surveys and reviews of organizational and individual performance.

Demonstrate Stewardship

We responsibly oversee the human and financial resources entrusted to us.

The Seven Pillars


We honor each person's sense of well-being.


We express concern for others (with consideration and sensitivity).


We maintain strict privacy standards.


We build positive interactions (with fairness and trust).


We protect the dignity of all persons.


We address others' needs promptly and completely.


We maintain safe and attractive facilities and campuses.

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